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AI-Powered Family Office Management


AI-Powered Tool

MyFO revolutionizes investment and estate document management:


  • Automates data handling for diverse assets

  • Provides insightful analysis of investment statements

  • Reviews estate documents, highlighting missing clauses and explaining complex language

  • Offers trend analysis and personalized insights for comprehensive understanding of investments

Ditigal Family Office
Asset Tracking

Comprehensive Asset Tracking

MyFO offers a single dashboard to manage all your assets and liabilities. From holding companies to trusts and family foundations, you can seamlessly integrate all your wealth into one platform. 

  • Single dashboard for all assets and liabilities

  • Real-time data sync for up-to-date asset information

  • Provides a comprehensive view of financial health

  • Our Valuation Tool utilizes industry-standard valuation methods and financial analysis to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your company's value.


Robust Document Security

MyFO ensures the security of your data and documents

  • Bank level security 

  • Advanced 256-bit encryption technology

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • SOC 2 compliance

  • Identity verification

  • Data disaster recovery

Generational Wealth
My Family Office
Family Office

Stakeholder Map

Share asset information with trusted stakeholders in a secure environment.

  • Foster alignment on long-term goals with partners and stakeholders

  • Integrated with Task Manager for accountability and collaboration

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