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Family Offices and the Challenges of Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

The Challenge of Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

An estimated $68 trillion in wealth is set to transition from older generations to younger ones over the coming years. One of the primary functions of family offices is managing intergenerational wealth transfers. It's a daunting task, fraught with complexity and potential pitfalls. In essence, it's the art of passing the baton – ensuring wealth not only survives the transition from one generation to the next, but flourishes.

However, the task is far from simple. There's a famous adage that says, "Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations". It speaks to the difficulty of preserving wealth over generations, with an estimated 70% of wealth transitions failing due to family disputes, lack of preparedness, or poor investment and tax planning.

Disparity in Financial Literacy

A common challenge faced by family offices in this process is the difference in financial literacy among family members. Some individuals may have a deep understanding, passion and interest in wealth management, while others may not. Some individuals can consume financial statements with ease while others don't have the same depth of experience so find this process more complex and challenging. However, everyone deserves access to information about their family wealth, yet it must be presented in a manner that all can understand.

The Role of Technology in Wealth Transition

This is where technology plays a pivotal role. The need for accessible, easy-to-understand, and quickly updated financial information has spurred significant innovation in wealth management. The goal is to equip all family members, regardless of their financial savviness, with the necessary tools to participate effectively in wealth management.

The Shift from Manual Tracking to Automated Management

Traditionally, tracking and managing wealth have been labor-intensive, requiring the manual input of data. However, in the modern digital age, individuals want to manage their wealth, not manually track it. The complexity of intergenerational wealth transfer demands a solution that automates the mundane and focuses on the strategic, offering real-time insights and facilitating informed decision-making.

Introducing MyFO: Transforming Wealth Management

Enter MyFO. We have designed a platform that addresses these very challenges. MyFO simplifies and streamlines wealth management, making it accessible and understandable to all family members, regardless of their financial literacy. It offers a consolidated view of all financial accounts, assets, and investments, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

By automating the updating of financial information, MyFO eliminates the need for manual record-keeping. It provides real-time data, offering a clear picture of the family's wealth at any given moment. This transparency empowers all family members to actively participate in managing the family wealth, facilitating smoother wealth transitions.

Moreover, MyFO's advanced AI tool offers tailored guidance on various financial topics, demystifying complex financial jargon and helping family members make informed decisions. By taking care of the technical details, MyFO allows families to focus on their long-term financial goals.


Managing intergenerational wealth transfer is a complex task, one that requires both technical knowledge and understanding of the family's values and goals. By leveraging technology like MyFO, family offices can navigate this process more effectively, ensuring that wealth not only survives the generational transition, but continues to grow.



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