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Our Story


We're dedicated to revolutionizing wealth management through innovative SaaS and Fintech solutions 


Who we Are

MyFO, a Canadian startup, emerged from a need to streamline wealth management. This FinTech brainchild of two women of colour, Simran Kang and Alice Chen, integrates technology to simplify wealth solutions.


With Kang's high-net-worth advising background and Chen's entrepreneurial spirit, they aspire to democratize wealth management via an accessible platform. MyFO, a subscription-based tool, encompasses assets, contacts, and documents, making wealth management accessible beyond the ultra-rich.


Since its launch, MyFO has won awards and set notable benchmarks. Our aim? To make MyFO a digital wealth management standard, increasing accessibility for all.

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Innovation and Empowerment

At MyFO we believe that true progress is born at the intersection of innovation and empowerment. We are committed to constantly seeking new ways to enhance and refine our solutions.

Through cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking strategies, we empower families to take control of their financial future. 

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