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Unpacking Wisdom: A Glimpse into Jason Fried's Business Mind

Several folks reached out, curious about the key nuggets from Jason Fried's talk last night at the Vogue Theatre. While a lot of Jason's insights are something you could stumble upon in the myriad of content he's put out there, hearing it straight from the horse's mouth has its own charm. It's not every day you get to absorb lessons from someone who's spearheaded a $100B dollar venture.

First off, a shout out to our team at MyFO for sponsoring the event which led to a face-to-face with Jason. He’s a genuinely kind soul and that resonated big time.

His aura of confidence is something else and I can’t help but think that’s the magic sauce behind his knack for shaking things up in the business world. Jason’s approach transcends technology disruption; he delves into altering operational norms, human interactions, and the way we treat one another.

Now, onto the gold nuggets that stuck with me:

1. Taking Cues from Nature: Jason emphasized looking to nature for insights on compatible colors, shapes, and designs. Nature, with its ability to sustain and thrive, holds lessons in existence and survival.

2. Ditch the Goal Docket: Contrary to common business advice, Jason advised against setting goals, as they often lead to a narrow focus and potential dissatisfaction. Instead, he advocated for the sole objective of remaining profitable – a direct path to survival and growth.

3. Ease up on Expectations: He suggested steering clear of expectations which, when unmet, lead to disappointment and unhappiness.

4. The 6-Week Beat: A notable strategy he shared was planning in 6-week cycles, followed by a 2-week period of debriefing and prepping for the next cycle. This, he believes, fosters a rhythm of reflection, planning, and action, creating a sustainable pace for progress.

The bit about not getting hung up on long-term goals really jived with me. I mean, who among us has nailed a long-term goal to the T? If you fall short, it’s considered a failure. But if you ace it or knock it out of the park, you're left wondering if you could’ve soared higher.

Jason Fried’s insights are a testament to thinking outside the conventional business box, providing a fresh perspective on how we might approach our ventures, interactions, and even our life goals.



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